Carb Manifolds/Linkages

Carb Manifolds/Linkages

All carburetor based systems, parts, gaskets, kits, manifolds and other items from a range of manufacturers including RPR, EMPI, SCAT and Weber.

Carb Manifolds/Linkages 


  • Linkage Kits & Parts

    RPR supplies a range of complete linkage kits and spare parts including hex bars, linkage rods, adapter kits and more.

  • Manifold Gaskets

    It's always a good idea to keep a complete set of manifold gaskets handy especially when you are removing and replacing your manifolds.

  • Manifold Kits

    RPR supplies a wide range of complete manifold kits to suit all budgets from CB Performance, AA Performance Products and other manufacturers.

  • Manifold & Linkage Kits

    This category contains a range of complete bolt on kits that include both the manifolds, linkage and ancillary items such as gaskets, studs etc.