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Engle W Series - W90 Cam


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Engle W Series - W90 Cam


RPR offers all Engle Cams for your air cooled VW.


Engle manufacturers a wide range of cams for your street or race car. When purchasing a new Engle camshaft we strongly recommend that you buy them in conjunction with a set of new Engle Lifters that are also available on our website.


Engle will only warranty their cams when used with new Engle lifters so make sure when installing any new camshaft that new lifters are installed at the same time. Never match a new cam with used or worn lifters as this will result in cam lobe flattening and failure. .


When assembling your engine be sure to check all camshaft clearances to avoid damage to any engine.


This is a standard grind camshaft


To view grind specifications for this camshaft, simply download the attachment at the bottom of this page.



Engle W90 Type 1 Camshaft (Cheater Cam), 1.1 or 1.25 Rockers is designed for 1.1 or 1.25 rockers and it's specs are .295" Cam Lift, .325" Valve Lift (1.1 Rockers), 265 degrees of advertised duration, and 224 degrees of duration at .050", on a 107 Lobe Center.

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Engle Cam Specs

Engle Cam Specification sheet

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