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RPR 40mm IDF Carby Kit (Type1) - Panchito Manifolds View larger

RPR 40mm IDF Carby Kit (Type 1) - Panchito Manifolds



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RPR 40mm IDF Carby Kit  - Panchito Manifolds


Complete bolt on kit - includes:


  • 2 x RPR IDF 40mm carbs
  • 2 x Panchito Manifolds
  • 2 x Panchito Gaskets
  • 2 x air cleaner assemblies
  • 1 x Steel hex cross bar linkage.


For Type 1 and early Type 2.


These are manufactured for me and are a direct replacement for Dellorto and Weber carby's.

I have been using these for quite some time with fantastic results.

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