Carb Kits/Singles

Carb Kits/Singles

All bolt on kits and single carby's for Type1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4, Standard Beetles, Super Beetle, Bugs, Kombi, Ghia, Thing and other air cooled VW.

Carb Kits/Singles 


  • Race Kits & Carbs

    RPR supplies a wide range of high performance carbs from Weber and EMPI specifically designed for installation and use in your race car.

  • RPR IDF Kits & Carbs

    We have spent a considerable period of time working with our manufacturer to provide you with our very own RPR brand of Weber style IDF carbs and complete bolt on kits.

    These are absolutely fantastic and are installed on all of my own cars and according to my dyno guy are the best carby's he's ever tuned!

  • Single Barrel Kits &...

    RPR provides a comprehensive range of single barrel carby kits and parts from EMPI, SCAT and Kadron.