Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

All Oil cooling systems, tinware, parts and accessories.

Cooling Systems 


  • Deep Sumps

    RPR supplies a wide range of deep sumps and other parts for all VW air cooled engines from a range of leading suppliers and manufactures such as CB Performance, EMPI and SCAT.

    These help maintain your oil temperature.

  • Mounts/Brackets

    Mounts & Bracket hardware for oil cooler, filters and adapters.

  • Nuts/Bolts/Fittings/Hose

    Miscellaneous items such as nuts, bolts and screws etc.

  • Oil Coolers - Doghouse

    Doghouse oil coolers for Type 1 and Type 4 engines I use these in all of my Turnkey engines and engine kits.

  • Oil Coolers - External

    External multi row oil coolers for ensuring that your engine maintains correct oil temperature.

  • Parts