Brake Kits

Brake Kits

Disc Brake kits for King and Link Pins (K & L), Ball Joint front ends, Macpherson Strut (L Bugs and S Bug's) and both early and late model Kombi's.

Brake Kits 


  • Blank Rotor Kits

    Disc brake kits with Blank Rotors so that you can drill your own stud pattern.

  • Holden & Ford Kits

    Disc brake kits that have the Holden and Ford stud patterns (5 x 120 and 5 x 114.3) already drilled and tapped into the rotors.

  • Porsche - 5x130 /...

    These brand new high quality 1 piece rotors have the popular Porsche and now Kombi stud patterns drilled and tapped. The thread size is 14 x 1.5mm for both of the 5 x 130 and the 5 x 112 stud patterns.

  • VW - 4 x 130 Kits

    Disc Brake Kits for VW 4 x 130 stud pattern.

  • VW - 5 x 205 Kits

    Disc Brake kits for both front and rear that have been drilled and tapped for VW Wide 5 (5 x 205) stud pattern.

  • VW - Kombi (64 to 70)

    RPR has a range of bolt on disc brake kits for Kombi's using the Wide 5 (5 x 205) bolt pattern for years 1964 to 1970.