RPR supplies a wide range of ignition systems, kits and parts from suppliers such as CB Performance, MSD, Bosch and Compufire to name but a few.



  • Coils/Brackets

    RPR supplies coils from Bosch and Compufire and also supplies both standard brackets and relocation brackets.

  • Distributor Parts/Clamps

    Here you will find various miscellaneous parts for distributors including anti chatter spring and shims, clamps and other items.

  • Leads
  • Magnaspark Ignition

    Magnaspark Ignition and Kits.

  • Magnaspark Parts

    RPR sells, recommends and uses Magnaspark Ignition Systems from CB Performance.

  • Mechanical (009) Kits

    RPR supplies a range to 009 Distributor kits for Type1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 VW vehicles.

  • Mechanical (009) Parts

    RPR supplies a range of electronic and mechanical 009 style distributors, kits and parts to suit your air cooled VW car.

  • MSD/Vertex Ignition/Parts

    RPR supplies a range of complete bolt on ignition systems and kits from CB Performance (Magnaspark), MSD, Vertex and others including stock replacement distributors.

  • PerTronix

    PerTronix are the leaders in the development and supply of a range of electronic ignition systems and parts for the VW air cooled marketplace. RPR is pleased to be a Distributor of the PerTronix range of products in Australia.