Transmissions (refurbished) and parts including clutch and pressure plates, thow out (thrust) bearings, CV parts, mounts and axles parts, starter motors, stub axles, synchro rings and more!



  • Axles/Tubes

    RPR supplies an extensive range of axles that are suitable for street, strip and drag racing. In additon, we also supply NOS Swing Axle tubes.

  • Bearings

    All types of bearing for your transmissons including thrust, pinion, main shaft, differential and wheels.

  • Bracing

    When you have a high horespower, high torque engine installed, it is important to correctly brace and support the transmission. RPR has a range of transmission supports available.

  • Clutches/Kits

    RPR supplies a wide range of clutch and pressure plates for street and strip usage from suppliers such as Kennedy. We have also packaged a number of items to make easy to purchase kits for your air cooled VW.

  • CV Conversion Kits

    RPR offers a wide range of stub axle conversion kits for 930 and Type 2 CV joints.

  • CV Kits

    Complete CV kits containing CV, boot clamp and grease etc.

  • CV Parts

    RPR supplies a wide range of high quality CV parts for your VW transmission.

  • Diff Parts

    RPR supplies a wide range of high quality diff parts for your VW transmission.

  • Gears

    RPR supplies a wide range of gears and other important parts for your gearbox rebuild.

  • Mounts

    Transmission mounts for Type 1, 2 (Kombi).

  • Nuts/Bolts/Seals

    RPR supplies a wide range of high quality bolts, nuts and seals for your VW transmission that include CV Bolts and much more.

  • Parts

    RPR supplies a wide range of high quality parts and accessories for your VW transmission including couplers, slave cylinders, thrust bearings, starter motors and more.

  • Rebuilt Transmissions

    RPR has a range of rebuilt (refurbished) VW transmissions in stock with a selection of ratios for all air cooled VW with Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 engines.

    Were are also able to take your existing gearbox and rebuild it for you!.

    Please note that the quoted prices are indicative only as specifications may change

  • Side Covers

    New side covers are an important part to ensure that your rebuilt gearbox is operating correctly.

  • Stub Axles

    Stub axles for OEM replacement, Type 1 to 930 and Type 1 to Bus conversions.

  • Syncro Rings

    RPR can supply a range of genuine VW Synchro rings for your air cool VW.