Christian (from Goulburn) contacted me wanting one of my RPR Signature Series engines that could be fitted to his 1959 Kombi and provide him with a smooth and powerful driving experience whilst providing him with torque at lower RPM's........he settled on the RPR Signature 2054cc engine.

This engine is one of my Signature series engines and is complete with heaters, external oil filter and cooler.

This engine was assembled with 100% brand new components complete with heaters, external oil filter and cooler and was fitted with pair of my RPR 40mm IDF carbs (that I have made for me), along with the new ceramic coated RPR Quiet Pac exhaust system. The engine was also up-graded with the full Magnaspark electronic ignition kit.

We dyno'd the engine and it produced 90HP at the rear wheels which equates to around 112hp at the flywheel.

This engine is made to make maximum power and torque at lower rpm's and will be nice to drive with 8 people aboard pulling up a hill!