This 2276cc engine was built for Jason who lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Jason wanted a cost effective engine for his drag car so I utilised a lot of high quality re-furbished race parts and was dyno tuned on a Monday, delivered to Jason and then fitted to his car so that he was able to race the following Saturday.

This engine made 151hp at the rear wheels which equates to 191hp at the engine and ran 12.2 seconds @ 108 mph .

The engine has a set of welded and ported standard VW heads fitted with 42mm and 37.5mm stainless valves, a custom grind camshaft similar to an FK 89 from Engle, a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and is using a set of my RPR 48mm IDF carbs.

The exhaust system is 1 3/4" and uses a stinger tailpipe.