Complete Bolt On Systems

Complete Bolt On Systems

We supply a wide range of complete exhaust systems for street, strip and off road in both standard and merged configuration from A1 Performance Exhausts, EMPI, SCAT, RPR and other quality manufacturers is raw, black, stainless steel and ceramic coated.

Complete Bolt On Systems 


  • Extractor with Muffler

    These complete bolt on exhaust systems are available in either raw steel, painted steel or ceramic coated. The diameter of the extractors is 1 3/8" and all systems will connect to either standard or replacement heater boxes / J tubes. These systems are either EMPI (low cost) and made in China or our own very high quality RPR systems that are made specifically for me in the USA with thicker steel tubing and higher quality mufflers. The RPR exhausts have been dyno tested and the results are fantastic!

  • Merged with Muffler

    This category contains my own RPR range of fully merged racing headers and mufflers fabricated for me in the USA. The merged headers are thick 16 gauge mandrel bent steel tubing with quality made US mufflers. All systems are available in either raw steel or ceramic coated. These systems are not compatible with heater boxes and are the best performing type of system on the market today. These exhausts have been dyno tested and the results are fantastic!

  • Sidewinder with Muffler

    The sidewinder header is a newer style of exhaust system that is extremely well designed and hidden from sight from the rear of the vehicle. These systems are only available in the popular 1 5/8" diameter mandrel bent tubing from TriMil in the USA. The fitment and quality is extremely good and the power from these type of systems is very impressive. The mufflers are quite yet have a beefy sound that can be used for everyday driving.