CB 26mm Full Flow IN/OUT Oil Pump - Type 4




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CB 26mm Oil Pump - Type 4


This pump fits all Type 4 engines.


It provides a way to operate your engine "Full Flow" without the inconvenience and cost of drilling and tapping your engine case as in old-style "Full Flow" systems.


Maxi Pump 3 fits between your engine case and the rear mount and provides both outlet and inlet for unrestricted oil flow. Maxi 3 is one in a family of high performance VW oil pumps.


The Maxi pumps feature die cast pump housings. The aluminium alloy used in manufacture matches the temperature characteristics of the engine case to help reduce leaks and oil loss. The inner design includes a "pressure chamber" to smooth out the flow of oil.


9 tooth gears and blueprinted specs help provide an oil system that will greatly reduce oil temperature and increase engine performance.


Fits all type 4 engines in Bugs, Buses and Vans.




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