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King & Link Pin Wide 5 (5 x 205) Front Disc Kit




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Wide 5 (5 x 205) Front Disc Kit - King & Link Pin front ends


For years, air-cooled VW enthusiasts have been crying out for better front braking for their beloved early model Volkswagen Beetles. Larger drums, 4-lug disc brake conversions, etc. Each upgrade has come with a compromise of some sort. Giving up the wide-5-lug wheel bolt pattern, offset problems, cost of exotic off-road-only disc brake systems, extensive system modification, etc.


With AC Industries’ exclusive wide-5-lug front disc brake kits, they have made it possible to get all the superior braking advantages for your Volkswagen without the compromises.


Both the link pin and ball joint kits are 100% bolt-on systems that require no cutting, welding, drilling, "Mickey Mouse" rigging, or bandage engineering to make the system work. Offset problems have been eliminated by retaining the stock wheel offset geometry. In fact, with the exception of the rotor and the caliper bracket, all of the parts that make up our kits are stock VW replacement parts. When the time comes for brake pad replacement, you can purchase them at any auto parts store. None of those $70.00 proprietary pads that require days to get from the manufacturer here! The ease of installation of these kits is a bonus for the "do-it-yourselfer" and can be accomplished with standard tools and about a half day of effort.


The well-thought-out method which made these kits possible, shows through its simplicity. What doesn’t show is what it actually takes to make a well-engineered product look simple and simply work well.


These are also "zero" offset so do not add anything to the track of your car.


Nodular iron bracket will not bend and keep proper alignment of caliper to the rotor.


Kit includes:


  • 2 x Wide-5-Lug Rotors
  • 2 x Caliper Brackets
  • 2 x Calipers
  • 4 x Special Caliper Mounting Bolts
  • 2 x Set Brake Pads
  • 2 x Inner Bearing Seals
  • 2 x Inner Wheel Bearings
  • 2 x Outer Wheel Bearings
  • 2 x Front brake hoses
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Bus Master Cylinder with adapter


These very high quality disc brake kits are from the originator, AC Industries and I regard these as the best in the market.


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