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Superflow Extreme Lowered Exhaust System - Beetle, Karmann Ghia 50/35 View larger

VS Superflow Muffler (Extreme Lowered) Exhaust System - Beetle/KG




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Superflow Muffler (Extreme Lowered) Exhaust System - Beetle/KG


130mm Diameter Vintage Speed Classic Sport and Super Flow Mufflers




  1. ±4mm Adjustable flanges for stroker or narrower engines.
  2. Superflow muffler for engine up to 150HP.
  3. 100% #304 stainless steel muffler, tail pipes and headers.
  4. Fiberglass fire sleeve on #2 and #4 header pipes were designed to protect fresh air hoses.
  5. Includes stainless steel 111 298 051A gaskets for heater boxes.
  6. Tail Pipes are 50mm O.D. with 35mm I.D.




  1. Flange adaptors for muffler to flange heater box. Heater box 35mm flange sold separately.

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