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VS Superflow Muffler (Extreme Lowered) - Split Bus 1960-1967 - Hidden Tailpipe



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Superflow 1960-1967 Extreme Lowered Bus with Hidden Tail Pipe




  1. ±4mm Adjustable flanges for stroker or narrower engines.
  2. SuperFlow muffler for engine up to 150HP.
  3. 100% #304 stainless steel muffler, tail pipes and headers.
  4. Built in M18x1.5 nuts for Lamda sensor when tuning carburetors.
  5. Fiberglass fire sleeve on #2 and #4 header pipes were designed to protect fresh air hoses.
  6. Use original 111 298 051A gasket for heater box. 111 298 051A gasket sold separately.
  7. Compatible with early pre-59 bus models also (Barn Door to Press Bumper) but will be very close to apron.

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